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Thank you

Dear competitors, visitors and guests!


Wow! What a great and emotional weekend!


We are overwhelmed by your many kind words. "It's like coming home," many guests said and that touches our heart.


Many thanks to all guests and participants for your support! We are grateful that you have found your way back to us after a 3-year break. You have created a great atmosphere and atmosphere all weekend.


We have a great team in the background with the red T-shirts, which work hand in hand. It couldn't be better! Dear ones, you will receive an extra letter of thanks. These are so many words we would like to address to you, they don't all fit in here.


We had a successful KidsChallenge on Friday and Saturday with a total of 64 children. Dear Leonie Sygo, Paul Steinborn, Julia Oertel, thank you very much for the many hours of exchange, planning and support on site with Sahra Gottwald (great kids 

workshop) and Mr. Blue - Bernhard Wulff and Christine Furkert. In total, with DanceParty4Kids and little pirates, we had fun with 142 children at the weekend.

Many thanks to our judges Patrick Misgaiski, Roy Hoeben, Christa Eberius, Barry Arbeider, Rose Gillespie, Rowdy Dufrene, Kerstin Klawitter, Matthias Gottschick, Henneke van Ruitenbeek and our contest coordinator for the great work and the endurance of long sessions.


A thank you goes to our Scrutineers Birgit Oelker, Katrin Naake and Daniela Schmid and our scorers Sytse Wiering and René Claus, whose heads smoked and who hardly had a break, but saved everything. Also our floor coordinator Natalie Redlitz, Yvonne Redlitz and Haylie, Leonie Sygo and Paul Steinborn. Dear Conny Mayr, thank you very much for the spontaneous support in the scoring room.


Thank you very much, dear MC's for your vote! Bernhard Wulff, Angelika Wulff and Julia Oertel - we thank you for your flexible commitment, your peace of mind and patience when we text you with new information in between. 🤗


The best DJs Alex Boone, Rudi Müllner and Marc Schmid were a great team and let the dance floor rock into the night. We are happy, Marc, that you are there now and it is nice to see you with such enthusiasm.


Thank you very much at this point also for our 2 sharks!!! What was that brilliant! I now also know who was in it: Stefan Bruker and Martina Lenaghan. Very cool!


We had a fantastic show! Many thanks to our artist with the Cyrrad: Nina Trettau and to the breathtaking rola-performance of Micha (sometimes we were a little scared 😉). Thanks to the great dancer Roy Houben (quote from a child in front of the dance floor: "But that's a very good dancer!" Yes, he is! We were allowed to admire a young Latin couple, who stepped in at very short notice. Thank you! Roy Hadisubroto and Fiona Murray always inspired the audience. Wow! Thank you!


Not to forget: A big thank you to our sailors and fishermen with the beards: Julia Oertel, Leonie Sygo, Miriam Hänsch, Paul Steinborn, Rico Dietzsch and Laura Killian. We laughed a lot and you fueled the audience. The synchronized swimming team was a blast!  Thanks to Jan and Hein and Claas and Pit! Uh ... Rowdy Dufrene, Barry Arbeider, Roy Hoeben and Paul Steinborn. And of course also a thank you to the sweet little pirates of the Borsigwald primary school!


A big thank you goes to our dance teachers Joan Morro, Patrick Misgaiski, Julia Oertel, Sebastian Fröhlich-Damp, Dirk Leibing, Roy Hadisubroto, Fiona Murray and Roy Hoeben for great dances and ingenious technical workshops. Dear Sahra, we hope you feel better!

See you next year: 15.3. - 17.3.2024.

Gert & Susi

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