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Latin Solo Dance Competition: Infos


The Latin Solo Dance Competition is a competition for individual dancers who like to move to Latin music but do not have a dance partner.


The competition consists of 3 given choreographies that have to be danced in order to achieve an overall placement. It is also possible to register for only one dance. 


The special thing about the Latin Solo Dance Competition is that a dance partner is not required and that we provide the choreographies. It is therefore not necessary to have a choreography created or to make it up yourself.


The Latin Solo Dance Competition takes place within the framework of the "BERLIN OPEN Dance Championships". This three-day event has been held successfully since 2003. 

Target Group

All dancers with an interest in Latin American dancing are invited. Membership in the WCDF or a club is not required.


About us

We are a non-profit association (I.D.E.A. e.V.) which promotes dance and organises workshops and competitions in this context. 


Date & Venue

März 2025

The exact time depends on the number of registrations and will be announced on the website after the registration deadline. 

Venue is Stadthalle Hohen Neuendorf, Am Rathaus 1, 16540 Hohen Neuendorf.


The participants of the Latin Solo Dance Competition can expect:

  • 3 finished choreographies with instructional video and dance description.

  • Large dance floor (parquet)

  • Professional judges

  • Award ceremony 

  • Various workshops with international dance teachers 

  • Show and party in the evening 

Dances (> videos)

Following three 3 dances will be offered this year: 

  1. Fields (Rumba) „Fields Of Gold“ - Celtic Fayre 

  2. Foot Rule Club (Samba)- „Foot Rule Club“ - Light Effect

  3. Pa‘lla Voy (Salsa) - „Pa‘lla Voy“ - Marc Anthony


Level 1 - Tänzer mit keiner oder wenig Wettbewerbserfahrung (Beginner  - Newcomer) 

Level 2 - Tänzer mit Wettbewerbserfahrung

  • After the registration deadline you will find a detailed schedule on our website.

  • Upon arrival on the day of the event, please report to the registration desk. There you will receive your start number and further information. 

  • There will be a short warm-up/music preview before the competition. You will then be allowed to test the dance floor for a short time. 

  • At the latest 15 minutes before the competition, we ask you to be in the staging area and report to the floor coordinator. (The floor coordinator will bring all dancers to the dance floor and assign them a place.

  • After the dance round, please stand again briefly at your place with your back to the adjudicators. You may leave the dance floor after being asked to do so. You will have a short break until your next dance and must then return to the staging area. 

Registration deadline



Please use our form for registration.


To taking part in the competition, you purchase a day ticket for 20.00 € (reduced rate 10.00 € for children up to 14 years) and pay an entry fee of 8.00 € per dance. 

Dancers who have a Participant 3 Day Pass do not need to buy a day ticket. 


All parents, family, friends and other spectators can get tickets at the registration desk at the entry of the venue.



After registering with the registration form, registrants will receive a confirmation by email with a request for payment. The total amount must be transferred to the following account by 25.02.2024 at the latest:

Account holder: Incahoots Dance and Event 

IBAN: DE37505300000002405008

BIC: GENODE51CRO (Cronbank)

Please state 'Name of participant + Latin Solo Dance Competition 2024' as the purpose of payment.

After receipt of payment of the participation fees we will send a confirmation of receipt. 

Payment at the venue is not possible.


Declaration of participation

The competitor/visitor agrees to hold the organization of this event and their agents harmless for all suits, claims or demands of every kind and character arising out of and conjunction with this event and hereby authorize the reproduction, sale, copyright, exhibition, broadcast and/or distribution of any videotape or photography without limitations. The competitor/visitor understands the physical risks of entering dance competitions and social dancing and assume full responsibility for any injury or personal damage.  

The publication of any audio and visual material of this event is authorised:

Participants consent and agree that the organization has the right to take photographs, videotape, or digital recordings of them during events to use these in any and all media, now or hereafter known.

Participants further consent that their name and identity may be revealed therein or by descriptive text or commentary.

Participants do hereby release to the organization all rights to exhibit this work in print and electronic form publicly or privately and to market copies. Participants waive any rights, claims, or interest they may have to control the use of my identity or likeness in whatever media used.

They understand that there will be no financial compensation, either for initial or subsequent transmission or playback.

They hereby also acknowledge that any photographs, videotape, or digital recordings made by themselves, or any third party cannot be used, if it is not for private use, without express permission by the organization for publication and/or commercial use.

Age Requirements

There is no age classification for this division.


Entry Regulations

This division is for all dancers who like to move to Latin American music. WCDF membership is not required.

This division is not divided into genders.


Overall Requirements

For an overall qualification competitors have to compete in all three (3) dances.


Movement Limitations

A stationary dancing introduction is allowed within the radius of one (1) single step during the music, prior to the start of the dance.

Vulgar dance movements are not allowed. 



Dance music length: Two (2) minutes. Each dance will be counted in.



The clothes must not be offensive. Dance related advertisements on competition clothes are not allowed. Glitter and sparkly attachments or materials are allowed.

Props are not allowed. Dance shoes or sneakers must be worn.

Competition Procedure
  • At the beginning of each event, a competition time schedule will be made available to the competitor.

  • Competitors must report to the floor coordinator 15 minutes prior to their competition starting.

  • A Floor Coordinator will escort competitors to their position on the dance floor.

  • Competitors who are not available when their name is called will be scratched. 

  • In all circumstances, the Contest Coordinators’ decision will be final.rected to the Contest Coordinator.

  • All formal complaints must be di

  • All competitors must respect the dance arena and not use any liquids, powders, chemicals or any other materials which could alter or damage the dance floor or cause undue stress to another competitor. 

  • All competitors should be respectful to other competitors and not interfere with or disrupt them.  

  • After the Floor Coordinator has spaced the competitor on the floor, their dance space is determined.

  • The competitor must remain within the flow of the step description.

  • Leaving the dance floor during your heat is not allowed and may result in a Judge Conference Penalty. 


For all further questions please do not hesitate to contact Susanne Schalewa.

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